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How to Get Help

We are appointment only, and you must make your own appointments.
For the Fall 2023 semester, the Writing Center is pleased to introduce a new scheduling system called Penji.  You can schedule tutorials using Penji on your mobile device or your laptop/desktop.  To use on your mobile device, download the Penji app.
Here’s how to schedule a tutorial:
  1.   If you’re on a laptop, go to https://web.penjiapp.com/login. If you have the Penji app on your phone, open it.
  2.  Enter your SMU email address.
  3. You’ll need to create a password (Penji won’t recognize your SMU login credentials).
  4. Select Writing Center.
  5. Select Get Tutored.
  6. Select Schedule a 45 minute appointment.
If you have any technical difficulties with Penji, you should contact write.smumn.edu


The Writing Center in Winona has changed locations as of Fall 2023.   We moved up from Saint Mary’s Hall basement to the 1st floor.  Our new location is Saint Mary’s Hall 103.  It is at the end of the hall, across from Campus Ministry, right inside the building’s doors as you enter the building from the Aquinas side.  Our entrance is between the wall statues of Mary and St. Joseph.  We have coffee, tea, and chocolate waiting for you inside! We hope you like our inviting new space.


Sundays 2pm-5pm

Mondays 11am-9pm

Tuesdays 8am-9pm

Wednesdays 11am-7pm

Thursdays 8am-7pm

Fridays 9am-noon

Specialized Assignments

CATIE (lab reports everything else): Mon 11-12, Tues 9-10am, 1-4pm, Wed 11-noon, Thurs 9-10am&4-7pm, Fri 11-noon

PEYTON (E130 only): Sun 3pm-5pm; Mon & Tues 7pm-9pm

For ANY Assignment

JANIE: Mon & Tues 6-8pm, Thurs 4-6pm, Fri 11am-noon

EMILIE: Wed 5pm-7pm

JULIO: Sun 2-4pm, Wed & Thurs 10-11am

Helping Maximize Your Experience and Learning

To ensure a safe and ideal learning environment for all students in our space–tutors and writers included–the Writing Center asks that all writers agree to the following terms.  Tutors have the right to terminate a session if one or more of these terms are not met:

  • You come to the writing center with a clear agenda

  • We work on bigger concerns in the paper before we talk about editing concerns

  • You come to the writing center prepared with the assignment sheet/rubric

  • You come to the writing center with the intention to collaborate with the tutor to take on an active learning role (instead of expecting the tutor to do all your work)

  • You don’t expect that we’ll predict a grade for you, or guarantee a higher grade on the assignment you’re working on

  • You agree not to use your phone or other distracting devices during the session

  • You understand that your session can be up to 45 minutes long but no longer

  • Hostility towards the tutor will not be tolerated

  • Racist, sexist, ableist, or homophobic language will not be tolerated in our space, given our mission to be inclusive and welcoming

  • Sexual advances or romantic overtures will not be tolerated in the writing center


Twin Cities

128 LaSalle Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55404


Saint Mary's Hall 103
700 Terrace Heights, #1432


Twin Cities

By Appointment 


By Appointment

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